The Trust Report

What an exciting time to bring you our latest feat. The concept for a corporate newsletter came in 2018 and it been years of dreaming and entertaining the idea. Sometimes, what waiting does is, a birth of something worthwhile.  

Here we are, and it is with so much pleasure that we bring you the first edition of our newsletter dubbed, THE TRUST REPORT.

 THE TRUST REPORT is a quarterly news and information hub for the Trust Hospital, the brand you know already.  We are one of the most trusted names in the private healthcare industry in Ghana

This newsletter is intended to communicate to you, our latest news, past and upcoming events, the recent developments on products & services, special articles, research and general information on health and happenings in our company and the healthcare ecosystem in Ghana and beyond.

In this maiden edition, we will take you into the launch of the Premium Centre, the latest addition to the Trust range of facilities. Our flagship advocacy project, Pink October Breast Cancer Awareness campaign achieved an overwhelming new record of screening 6,010 last year. We have launched into men’s health advocacy and gave birth to Blue November, Prostate Cancer Awareness.

We also finished our 5-year Strategic Plan and launched #Agenda2027 in grand style.  What will all this mean, if we are not seen by other people? We crowned the year with an award from Project Management Awards for our sustainable children’s hospital building using containers. 

These and many more details await you in this edition.  Kindly drop me a message at or with your comments, suggestions and any enquires you have on this edition.

Stay healthy.



 I welcome you all to our maiden edition of the Trust Hospital eNewsletter. The year 2023 brings a lot of hope and promise as the world recovers from the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic.


This has brought major economic upheavals locally and globally which has impacted negatively on healthcare. In spite of all this, we realise that there are new opportunities and possibilities.  We have learned to do things in a new way and several innovations brought on board. 

This is especially true as we begin implementation of our new strategic plan. Though the year is still relatively fresh, we are glad to let you know that we have already made tremendous strides in the areas of leadership and governance as well as service delivery. We are creating a learning environment with use of Quality improvement methodologies to improve our health system.


In addition, clinical care is being strengthened generally and in specific areas such as renal dialysis and Oncology. We have also commenced double work shifts at our Dome branch this year and have commenced operations on public holidays at all our satellite clinics.

I invite you to enjoy this very informative and compelling read!